Meet Vince

Vince Fusca was born in Italy in the town of Maierato, in Region of Calabria and came to America in 1963.

Early on, it became clear that Vince was a born leader. Starting in high school, he was the founder and president of his high school’s Italian Club.

As a profession Vince founded a fashion clothing boutique, becoming a successful Pennsylvania small business owner for the last 47 years.

In 1992, continuing his propensity for social leadership, Vince co-founded an Italian social organization in Pittsburgh. With the mission to promote Italian heritage and culture in America, the Calabria Club was conceived. Vince served as first president and lead the organization for 11 years.

While Vince’s interest in sharing his Italian heritage fueled his early years, Vince’s passion is the heritage and culture of Americana. His dedication to the preservation of Americana led him down the path of Pennsylvania politics.

In 2015, Vince Fusca became one of the most dedicated and well-known Trump supporters in the nation. Vince is credited with playing a part in helping Donald J. Trump win the 2016 Primary in Pennsylvania. In 2018 Vince was elected Pennsylvania Republican State Committee Person and in 2020 he was elected as a Republican Delegate to the GOP National Convention as a Trump delegate.

Vince Fusca has now stepped up to throw his hat in the ring (see what we did there?) to represent WE THE PEOPLE in the U.S. Senate. He is a candidate who will put AMERICA FIRST, protect our CONSTITUTION and fight for our God-given FREEDOM.

Fusca for U.S. Senate 22

Office: 412-500-6689

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